Was your home constructed before 1978?

Learn more about lead paint risks potentially present in homes developed prior to 1978
If you reside in a house developed prior to 1978, please keep reading (and forward this to others) to discover ways to protect yourself and your household from the lead paint dangers that may exist in your house.
Who does this issue?
An approximated 80 million homes in the United States might include lead paint or lead varnish.
Why is this a health issue?
Lead and lead containing dust does present a severe health threat to both children and adults, even family family pets. The production of dust as an outcome of carrying out different home remodelling projects like sawing, grinding, scraping, and sanding of house components which contain lead paint needs to be avoided. Lead poisoning is measured in micrograms, a procedure of one-millionth of a gram. It only takes a minute quantity of lead to be poisoned.
Why is there lead in paint in the very first location?
The addition of result in paint was prevalent up till its banning the the 1970 ′ s. Lead reinforced the paint and made it more durable.
Exactly what is EPA RRP?
RRP plans to assist those doing this work due so in such a way that protects themselves and the inhabitants from lead poisoning. If you hire somebody that means to perform any work that disrupts 6 (6) square feet or more of interior lead painted surface areas or twenty (20) square feet or more on the outside, they must be EPA RRP Certified Renovators.
Exactly what should diyers or homeowners do?
Get home checked if it was developed prior to '78 and prior to carrying out remodelling tasks. try this site If lead exists, get in touch with a certified professional, prevent disturbing lead painted components.

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